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Savage Vandal (82 Street Vandals Book 1)

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Since then he has appeared throughout history under different aliases and in different positions of power among different empires, all to further his own aims of eventual global conquest. Due to his immortality, he's had several lifetimes to acquire great combat, military, tactical and leadership skills, and is vastly knowledgeable in the world's history, sciences, arts and technology—adding to this, in all versions of the character, the meteor's power also gave him Super-Intelligence. On top of that, he also possesses superior physical strength and endurance, can regenerate from almost all wounds, is versed in magic, and is able to create inter-dimensional warps. In the New 52 timeline, Savage was mutated by radiation from a passing comet, one which had almost destroyed the planet Krypton years before. [44] This gave him not only immortality and advanced healing, but also superhuman strength. When Savage later encountered the comet again, his proximity to it increased his power, giving him flight, organic armor, and an energy field of an unknown nature. When the comet was destroyed, Savage apparently lost these extra abilities. Vandal Savage appears in media set in the Arrowverse, portrayed by Casper Crump. This version originated as Hath-Set, an Egyptian priest who became immortal after being exposed to dark matter ore from Thanagarian meteorites and spent the succeeding millennia reinventing himself as Vandal Savage, hunting Prince Khufu and Priestess Chay-Ara's reincarnations to strengthen himself, and mentoring some of history's greatest conquerors, such as Per Degaton. [48] [49]

Origins • Publication History • Recommended Reading • Legion of Super-Heroes Villains • Legion of Super-Heroes is confusingAlthough this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply. Arc Welding: Several plot points from previous media — the Helmet of Fate, Marduk's defeat of Tiamat, Starro — are all wrapped up into Vandal Savage's life story. Charisma: His experience as a powerful leader figure over the years has afforded Savage a high level of charismatic ability and notable skills as wooing others to suit his needs.

In his debut story, Vandal Savage has pointed ears, possibly demonic ears, but this is not seen again in subsequent stories. Vandal Savage manipulates the Green Lantern and his secret identity Alan Scott into helping his schemes, later revealing he knows they are the same person. Vandal Savage explains that he is "one million years old" and was once a Cro-Magnon man who was the chief of his tribe. When a meteor exploded above him, strange gases affected him. He was left in a comatose state for months, then woke up as an immortal "barring accidents", no longer aging but still vulnerable to injury. Savage does not reveal his original name to the Green Lantern, but claims that over the years he has lived under many identities, including an ancient king of Sumer, the Egyptian architect Cheops, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan. When he realized he could still die from injury, he decided to no longer act as a public man of power and instead would serve as an advisor to powerful leaders such as Napoleon, gaining resources and political influence while others could be the target for assassination. Now in the modern-day, he wishes to become a powerful figure in the government and war industry. In the end, he is defeated when Green Lantern opens a seemingly bottomless pit beneath him, causing him to fall out of sight. [3] Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: Brainiac | Suicide Squad ( Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, & King Shark) | Superman | Flash | Gizmo | Penguin

Master Acrobat: Vandal Savage' years of extensive training and vast experience have made him a highly skilled acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist.

Batman: Hush: Riddler/Hush | Catwoman | Poison Ivy | Bane | Joker | Harley Quinn | Clayface | Scarecrow | Lex Luthor | Lady Shiva | Two-Face | Penguin | Mr. Freeze | Thomas Elliot Justice League: Injustice for All: Lex Luthor | Star Sapphire | Solomon Grundy | Cheetah | Joker | Shade | Felix Faust | Ultra-HumaniteSuperhuman Stamina: Vandal Savage's healing factor grants him superhuman stamina and is partially immune to fatigue toxins generated by physical exertion and thus has greater endurance than actual humans. His stamina has been described as metahuman. In the crossover storyline DC One Million, a version of Vandal Savage was alive in a possible version of the 853rd century. This Savage was noticeably older than his 20th-century counterpart, his body no longer truly ageless. He also now had a much harder time healing his body, being unable to regrow or replace a lost eye. This version of Savage was later permanently killed by a nuclear explosion. Justice League Action Run: Darkseid | Harley Quinn | Joker | Lex Luthor | Lobo | Mongul | Mr. Freeze | Circe | Felix Faust | Gorilla Grodd | Killer Frost | Penguin | Solomon Grundy | Steppenwolf

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